Eley Griffiths Group Mid Cap Fund – Class A

  • Invests in shares of ASX & NZX listed companies that fall outside S&P/ASX 20 index
  • Long only portfolio consisting of 25-45 stocks
  • Average market capitalisation as at 31 October 2023 ~$7B 
  • The Fund aims to outperform the Outperform the 70% S&P/ASX Mid Cap 50 Accumulation Index and 30% S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index over a rolling 5 year period.
  • This fund is appropriate for investors with “High” and “Very High” risk and return profiles. A suitable investor for this fund is prepared to accept high risk in the pursuit of capital growth with a medium to long investment timeframe. Investors should refer to the TMD for further information.
  • EGG Mid Cap Fund – Monthly Report & Factsheet

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