Eley Griffiths Group takes all complaints very seriously.

We have established internal processes and procedures to receive, investigate and address any complaints in relation to the general financial product advice provided by Eley Griffiths Group Pty Limited (us, we, our) to you as a retail client. This policy, along with our internal processes and procedures have been developed in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and ASIC Regulatory Guide RG 271 Internal dispute resolution to ensure your complaint is addressed fairly, timely and effectively.

Does your complaint relate to other matters?

This policy applies to all expressions of dissatisfaction made to or about us relating to our financial products, financial services, staff or the handling of a complaint in respect of these products and services provided to you as a retail client and where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or legally required.


The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited ABN 45 003 278 831, AFSL 235 150 as responsible entity of the Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund and Eley Griffiths Group Emerging Companies Fund; and

Equity Trustees Limited (ABN 46 004 031 298, AFSL 240975 (Equity Trustees) as responsible entity of the Eley Griffiths Group Mid Cap Fund – Class A and Eley Griffiths Group Mid Cap Fund – Class B,

have established procedures for dealing with complaints in relation to the provision of financial services and products relating to these funds.

If an investor has a complaint in relation these funds, they can contact the relevant responsible entity and/or the investment manager during business hours, using contact details provided in the relevant product disclosure statement.

If your complaint concerns the operation of a Platform then you should contact the Platform operator directly. 

How to lodge a complaint

Please note that any information received regarding your complaint or by completing the form below you consent to the collection of your details in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on our website.

You can choose the following ways to inform us of your complaint:

By Post:         Complaints and Dispute Resolution Officer
                     Level 24, 1 Farrer Place
                     Sydney NSW 2000

By E-mail:

By Phone:      +61 (2) 9271 0900

In Person:      Governor Phillip Tower
                     Level 24, 1 Farrer Place
                     Sydney NSW 2000

Or by completing the form below by setting out all the details that you consider relevant, together with your own contact details.

What will we do when a complaint is received?

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours and work with you to resolve your complaint as best we can.

We will undertake a full investigation and assessment of your complaint taking into consideration all available information relating to your complaint. This may include consideration of information provided by you and that available on our records (as relevant).

If we resolve your complaint within 5 business days from the day you made your complaint we will provide a written response where requested.

Where your complaint is resolved between 5 business days and 30 calendar days, we will provide you with a full written response to your complaint within 30 calendar days covering details of the outcome or if an outcome could not be determined within this timeframe, an update of the progress and reasons for the delay.

Any action required to resolve your complaint, will be completed as soon as possible to ensure all resolution outcomes are implemented in a timely manner.

We ask for your co-operation

As noted above, we take all complaints very seriously.  We also understand that when resolving a complaint, emotions may run high however we have a zero tolerance policy for our team members being abused, threatened or belittled or vice versa. It is beneficial for all if matters can be addressed in a courteous manner. We have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for employees.  To this end we thank you for your patience and co-operation as we review your complaint.

What if you are not satisfied with our response?

If you are dissatisfied with the way we handled your complaint, or dissatisfied with our response, you can contact an external complaint resolution scheme, who will look into the matter on your behalf.

We are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (Membership Number 91462).  AFCA provides consumers and small businesses with free, fair and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.  Their contact details are:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited
GPO Box 3 
Melbourne Victoria, 3001 
Toll Free 1300 931 678 
Fax (03) 9613 6399 
Website at  

Lodge an online complaint at:

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